Our exciting tour packages are filled with the rich history and culture of Grenada providing visitors with unforgettable experiences, as we guide them to some of the most magical and impressive sites on the islands. Delight your senses and uncover hidden treasures on our Island tour; see some of our Historic sites; explore the natural beauty of our rain forest; enjoy the smells of our world renown spices and visit a nutmeg processing factory.  Whether you are a fun seeker, nature lover or just craving relaxation, your journey begins and ends with us, that's why we make it perfect every time. Our tours are exceptional because our personal touch is stamped on each tour, giving visitors that comfortable at-home feeling. Our tours can be customized to your schedule and caters to cruise passengers as well.  The tour can vary depending on which coast you would like to see.  One thing is for certain, there will be plenty of WOW moments for picture taking.  Depending on time we can also stop by a local eatery to try some of the local cuisine (nominal charge).

J n J Tours
The Personal Choice for touring Grenada

Tour Sites

Some of the potential stops include:

Waterfalls (Annabelle or Concord),

Rain Forest,

Volcano lake,

Spice shop or Nutmeg Processing plant,

Fort Frederick,

Grenada Rum Factory,

or even a beach stop (Grand Anse)

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